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Texas Rangers players and winter ball

Texas Rangers players and winter ball


Over at the ESPN Dallas Rangers blog, Calvin Watkins has a list of the players whom the Rangers have announced will be playing winter ball this offseason, together with where they will be playing.

Cody Buckel and Kellin Deglan are playing in a league in Australia, which I guess is really summer ball there, what with the seasons being different and all that.  No word on whether they will run around the bases the opposite direction from in the Northern Hemisphere, like the water goes down the drain in the opposite direction.

(And yes, I know that's an urban legend.  Leave me alone.)

Also catching my eye was the fact that the Rangers apparently have a player in their system named Gionny Fracchiolla.  He is from Venezuela, and is a 23 year old lefthanded pitcher who is listed at 5'7", 156 lbs.  He pitched for the Rangers' DSL #2 team in 2014...that's the team that went only 38-32, while the Rangers' DSL #1 team went 54-16.

Anyway, I'm now rooting for Gionny Fracchiolla to pan out, because that's a cool name.