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New T.R. Sullivan inbox column up

T.R. Sullivan has a new inbox column up, including the question, who is the ace of the Rangers staff?

Ronald Martinez

T.R. Sullivan has a new inbox column up...

The lead question from someone who asks, "What has [Yu Darvish] really accomplished since signing with the Rangers?", and asserting that "this is Holland's team."  Sadly, Sullivan doesn't dismiss the question and tell the querent to destroy his computer, but instead, talks about Darvish being a "mystery" while implying his performance hasn't met expectations, because apparently, the local media doesn't know how to act when the team they are covering has a legitimate ace.

There's also a Yasmany Tomas question and a "hey, why not put Joey Gallo in the majors to start 2015, what could it hurt?" question to check out, though I couldn't focus on them because I was so irritated by the comparison of Yu Darvish to Juan Gonzalez and Josh Hamilton.

Anyway, you can go read it for yourself.