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What was the most important hit of the 2014 Texas Rangers season?

Did you know that the Rangers had exactly 1,400 hits in 2014? Which was the most important?

Way to ruin that jersey, Elvis
Way to ruin that jersey, Elvis
Tom Pennington

As part of the SB Nation MLB awards, the Lone Star Ball community is voting on the most important Rangers hit of 2014.

When the team finishes with 67 wins, it's hard to say that any one hit was all that "important," but the 2014 Rangers did feature a few big, memorable hits that are worthy of consideration. So, what was your favorite hit in 2014?

Let's get to the nominees!

Beltre welcomes Rangers to Win Column

After getting trounced on Opening Day, the Rangers got their first win of the season the very next night after scoring three unanswered runs late in the game. The Rangers picked up the 3-2 win over the Phillies on Adrian Beltre's walk-off hit single. At the time, it was pretty big. Then the rest of the season happened and you remember that this game was played on April Fools' Day.

Odor goes Deep for the First Time

Roogie Odor's first career hit was on a dinky excuse me infield single. Pshaw. Odor's first career home run had way more Roogie-approved swag as he muscled up a no-doubter in Houston.

Beltre hits 2,500 Milestone

To reach the Hall of Fame, you need big round numbers. 2,500 career hits is pretty big and pretty round. In true Adrian Beltre fashion, No. 2,500 was absolutely torched up the middle for a knock. Beltre finished the year with 2,604 hits as he keeps chugging away toward the mythical 3,000 mark and a last stop in Cooperstown.

Adam Rosales Bombards Chris Sale

Chris Sale, by August, was pretty untouchable. With a 10-1 record and only three runs allowed in all of July total, surely the awful Rangers weren't going to be the team to get to him. And they weren't. The Rangers had three hits and struck out nine times against Sale. However, two of those hits were collected by Adam Rosales. Those two hits were home runs. The Rangers beat Chris Sale because of Adam Rosales.

Guilder Rodriguez Reaches Immortality

The sentimental favorite. Just watch the video and realize, sure, we'd have traded this moment for a winning season, but since that wasn't in the cards, Guilder Rodriguez's special night was a nice consolation prize that wouldn't have happened had the Rangers contended.

Beltre's sends A's to KC with Walk-off Dong

Not to sway votes, but I think Guilder Rodriguez's hit will win (and it probably should). But there's something infinitely satisfying about Adrian Beltre hitting a walk-off home run against the Oakland A's to make them sweat Game 162 and guarantee that the Wild Card game would be in KC. Who knows what would have happened had the Royals and A's played at the Coliseum. We'll never have to ponder that "What if?" because of Beltre's blast.