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Michael Cuddyer to the Mets: 2 years, $21 million

Free agent outfielder Michael Cuddyer is now a member of the New York Mets

Doug Pensinger

Michael Cuddyer has signed with the New York Mets, with the free agent outfielder leaving the Colorado Rockies for a 2 year, $21 million contract.

This is a surprising move for a couple of reasons.  First, it means that the Mets have forfeited the #15 pick in the 2015 MLB draft for the right to sign Cuddyer, which you wouldn't necessarily expect, given the Mets are seen as unlikely to contend in 2015.

Secondly, Cuddyer was guaranteed $15.3 million for 2015 if he accepted the qualifying offer.  By agreeing to this deal -- which is reportedly $8.5 million this year, $12.5 million next year -- he is getting just $5.7 million more guaranteed, and is giving up his ability to hit the market again in 2016, when one would think he'd be able to get more than $5.7 million for 2016.

However, as was pointed out on Twitter, this gives Cuddyer the ability to pick where he is going to play in 2015...Colorado was very likely to trade Cuddyer, had he accepted the qualifying offer, so this gives him more control over things. up the 15th pick to pay Cuddyer $21 million for two years is pretty shocking to me.  This offseason is going to be kind of nuts, I think.