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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The number one source for telling the Yankees to keep their damn hands off our Elvis

What's your favorite Taylor Swift song?
What's your favorite Taylor Swift song?
Jeff Gross

Good morning. Get comfy by the hot stove.

In a shocker, Calvin Watkins writes that the Rangers are *gasp* looking to improve the team this offseason as the GM Meetings begin this week.

Jeff Wilson explains how GM Jon Daniels wants to avoid another injury ravaged disaster in 2015 by putting an emphasis on the health of the players he's eyeing this winter.

WFAA's Joseph Ursery admits that he likes Taylor Swift's music while writing about the winter the Rangers have ahead of them.

Evan Grant touches on like year five of the Rangers entering the offseason with too many middle infielders. Will they trade Elvis? Does Profar even still have a right arm? What if Luis Sardinas emerges and makes it year six next year? Don't look now, but Michael De Leon's coming.

Jon Heyman plays his annual winter game of predicting the contract length and dollar amount of the top free agents. Which of those prognosticated deals look appealing to you?

Watkins notes that Yu Darvish is coming back to the area for a visit later this month for a check-up with the medical staff and probably to annoy some local writers by being foreign and mysterious.

Jerry Crasnick asked 28 anonymous front office folks to make their best guesses on eight of the burning questions expected to be answered this winter.

Finally, Leonys Martin got some good news ahead of his upcoming All-Star/Gold Glove season as the ringleader of a smuggling organization that extorted Martin and others has been sentenced.