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Wednesday Morning Links

Jon Daniels says Elvis Andrus is the 2015 shortstop, signaling a trade is imminent.

Tom Pennington

Richard Justice says the Banister area will be all about implementing changes.  Spring training will begin with the assignment of the archetypes, with Adrian Beltre being the current front-runner for "ethnic voice of wisdom" and Derek Holland the current favorite to be named "failed comic relief like Neelix and/or Jar Jar Binks."

Nick Williams finally drew a walk in the Arizona Fall League play, freeing him up to swing at every pitch he sees in the final two games of the season.

Clayton Kershaw could win the NL Cy Young and MVP awards.

Evan Grant had a story about how Michael Young and Steve Buechele could change the front office narrative, which just goes to show you Evan Grant is a starry eyed optimist apparently unaware of the round, luscious hips and thick meaty thighs on that wicked seductress, Delusion.

Evan also has some notes from Jon Daniels, including that they haven't given up on Michael Choice and that Ryan Rua might be an answer to the outfield problem.

Adrian Beltre was named Ranger Player of the Year primarily on the strength of his not being in traction at season's end.

We're unlikely to be signing Cuban defector Yasmany Tomas.

My heart breaks because with Miles Mikolas being soldto Japan I should no longer have to hear Adam's forced and awkward Ricola cough drops bit every time he's mentioned.   Notice I say should, Adam doesn't let the fact that a joke is no longer relevant, topical, humorous, or even understandable as a joke stand in the way of telling it over and over again.

Engel Beltre, whose fifth tool was inflammatory theatrics, is now free to walk the league like Kane in Kung Fu.

Dave Schoenfield looks at some possible trade destinations for Elvis Andrus.

Jon Daniels expects the team to contend in 2015.

And, finally, as yesterday was Veterans' Day, here's Smoky the Yorkie.  He's the dog that popularized Yorkies as a breed.