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Thursday Morning Links

Elvis Andrus, the subject for local media's 2 minute hate

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Banister has put his profile up on Plenty of Fish to try to find a third base coach that isn't into "drama" or "playing games."

Rangers scouts have gone to Guatemala to work out Yoan Moncado, a Cuban infielder who is said by some to be superior to Yasmany Tomas.

Tim Cowlishaw's answer to the Andrus question is to drop him from the two hole to the bottom of the order.

Jon Daniels says not to expect Jorge Alfaro in the majors until September at the earliest.

Grant also talks about the trip to Guatemala to scout Yoan Moncado.

And, finally, the idea that your gut biome can affect your mental processes is beginning to gain ground.