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Yoan Moncada has been declared a free agent by MLB

According to reporter Jesse Sanchez, MLB has made Cuban defector Yoan Moncada a free agent


19 year old Cuban defector Yoan Moncada is a free agent, and can sign with any team, per Jesse Sanchez:

The "OFAC" referred to by Sanchez is the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control, which, per Ben Badler, must issue a specific license for Moncada before he can sign.

Since the Rangers cannot sign a player who is subject to the international pool for more than $250,000 until July 2, 2015, they are basically out on Moncada, unless he doesn't get the license before July 2, or unless they can cut a deal with him that involves him waiting until after July 2 to sign.

There are reports that Moncada is expected to sign for a bonus of around $30-40 million...with the associated penalties for going over your pool, that means a team is going to end up paying up to $80 million for Moncada.

But remember, supposedly, Scott Boras is the devil for trying to get American amateurs a few million dollars as a signing bonus.

UPDATE -- Here is Jeff Passan's piece on Moncada.