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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The number one source for hoping AJM buys Canseco's finger to pair with the Lima dress

Canseco, (mostly)intact
Canseco, (mostly)intact
Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Good morning. Yesterday was one of the newsiest baseball offseason days in a while but not a peep came from the methodical Rangers. Then again, the last time the Rangers were hasty, they ended up with Prince Fielder's contract.'s Peter Ellwood hands out grades for the Texas Rangers infielders based on their 2014 seasons. Adrian Beltre is such a teacher's pet.

Calvin Watkins examines to what extent the Rangers utilize those newfangled sabermetrics in their analyses and decision making. (I bet the comments on this one are fun.)

T.R. Sullivan notes that the Rangers get to settle the 2014 World Series once and for all by opening Spring Training next March with games against the Royals and Giants.

Finally, as we learned yesterday, human Looney Tunes character Jose Canseco shot his finger off and lost it a second time in a high stakes hand of poker. Now he's selling the gun he used to maim himself. But wait! That's not all! If you act now, Canseco will give you the finger as well.