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Wednesday Morning Links

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

T.R. Sullivan would like you to celebrate all of the wonderful things that we might find in the Dollar General of baseball transaction bins.

Tony Beasley is the new third base coach, which is about as exciting as things can get this time of year.

Jeff Banister says that Beasley is the type of guy a manager can trust, which I am sure means he will be the first soldier to go rogue in Randy Galloway's ranger slashfic.

A law firm representing legendary Sisquo enthusiast Chad Curtis has been forced to continue representing him at least through January.

Gary Pettis couldn't wait around for the Rangers to make a decision on his future.

Alexi Ogando is supposed to start pitching soon.

The Rangers have some interest in Ian Kennedy.

Hey, you know what sounds like a lot of fun?  Searching through a decade's worth of GPS satellite clock data looking for evidence that dark matter is actually quantum fissures in spacetime.