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Poll: The Giancarlo Stanton contract

Giancarlo Stanton signed a record-sized contract...does it make sense for both parties?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Things are quiet in Rangerland while we wait to hear what happens with 40 man additions/drops later today...

So I thought I'd throw up a poll on the Giancarlo Stanton contract.

The deal is a 13 years, $325 million deal, though it can be looked at as a 6 year deal with a 7 year player option.  The salaries, by year:

2015 -- $6.5M

2016 -- $9M

2017 -- $14.5M

2018 -- $25M

2019 -- $26M

2020 -- $26M

Stanton may opt out after 2020

2021 -- $29M

2022 -- $29M

2023 -- $32M

2024 -- $32M

2025 -- $32M

2026 -- $29M

2027 -- $25M

2028 -- $25M club option/$10M buyout

There's also a no-trade clause in place for Stanton.

So given this, what do you think about this?  Good deal for Stanton?  Good deal for Miami?  Good deal for both?  Neither?

Cast your vote below...