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Jose Molina reportedly traded to Texas

The Rangers have reportedly traded for Rays catcher Jose Molina, but then the report disappeared

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Catcher Jose Molina has reportedly been traded to the Rangers by the Tampa Bay Rays.

Molina, 39, put up a paltry 417 OPS last season in 247 plate appearances for the Rays, and is owed $2.75 million for 2015.  Molina is, however, considered an exceptional defensive catcher, and one of the best pitch framers in the game.

The Rangers have been in the market for a catcher who can back up Robinson Chirinos, who is expected to be the team's starter behind the plate in 2015.  Molina would seem to fit the bill, while allowing Tomas Telis and Jorge Alfaro to stay in AAA and AA, respectively.

UPDATE -- Well, the writer who tweeted about the Molina trade has deleted that tweet, it appears.  So who knows what is really going on.