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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The number one source for being the Ying to the Rangers' Yang

Yang features top of the rotation pitch-face, at least
Yang features top of the rotation pitch-face, at least
Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Good morning.

As we learned late last night, and as Stefan Stevenson notes here, the Rangers apparently placed the highest bid for Korean pitcher Hyeon-jong Yang.

However, T.R. Sullivan blogs this morning that the Rangers haven't heard for sure that they are the top bidder for the Kia Tigers left-hander.

Evan Grant writes that Yang's club in Korea now has to decide whether or not to accept the bid, and if they do, and if the Rangers actually did place the highest bid, Texas would then have a 30 day window to sign Yang. We don't know too much about Yang other than every report had the Twins as the highest bidder until last night and that's scary because no one should want a pitcher that the Twins also want.

The DMN's Michael Florek provides a summary of Ken Rosenthal's tweets from yesterday about the Rangers looking at Justin Upton and starting pitching in the trade market.

Charlie Wilmoth of MLB Trade Rumors profiles Mitch Moreland as a possible non-tender candidate as he is expected to cost around $3 million next season and that's a lot for an inexperienced reliever.

The Cowboys won last night so it's fun to talk about LSU's Odell Beckham, Jr. making the Gary Matthews Jr. catch of football catches (If you didn't see it, watch that video) last night. So fun, in fact, that even baseball players were talking about it.

Over at LSB's Facebook pageAdrian Beltre led the way in the Question of the Week where we discussed our favorite free agent signing in team history. Nolan Ryan and Will Clark were also well represented. No one voted for Kevin Gross.

Lastly, when last we left you in the on-going crazy town Jose Canseco finger saga, Canseco had claimed he was going to sell his re-attached finger -- that he shot off -- after it fell off during a poker match. Ha haw! Just call him Ashton Kutcher because you guys totally got punk'd. Turns out, it was all a prank. Probably the most popular baseball player of the late '80s/early '90s was just goofin'. Well, except for that shooting his finger off part. He actually did do that for real.