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Wednesday Morning Links

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Calvin Watkins continues his ranking of the minor league system with Lewis Brinson and Nomar Mazara, because their toolsheds bring all the scouts to the yard.

Yu Darvish has been cleared to begin a throwing program, and Jon Daniels says there are no concerns about his durability assuming they can find a qualified exorcist with references who can clean the evil out of TBiA.

The Kia Tigers have swatted the Rangers' bid for pitcher Hyeon-Jung Yang back out to center court.

Derek Holland taught the kids at Rankin Elementary a lesson in irony when he gave a fitness presentation that stressed how much better it is to take the stairs than the elevator.

T.R. Sullivan also discusses Yu Darvish being cleared to begin throwing, and Jim Adduci looking forward to breaking his finger in a whole other hemisphere.

The little known physics concept of Schroedinger's Pitcher states that if a posting team rejects the highest bid, all bidding teams will simultaneously have won and have not won the bidding until the waveforms are collapsed by observation.

Nothing good ever happens to Ranger prospects in the Dominican.

Ross Wolf has signed a minor league contract with the Rangers, seeing as how the last time he was a feel-good comeback story he ended up in Korea.