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Jason Frasor signs with Kansas City: 1 year, $1.8M

Former Ranger reliever Jason Frasor has signed a one year, $1.8 million deal to pitch for Kansas City next year

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Frasor, the righty reliever who was dealt from Texas to Kansas City in July, has signed a one year deal for $1.8 million to return to Kansas City, per reports.  The deal apparently includes a 2016 option.

Frasor was a solid part of the Ranger pen in 2013 and, before being dealt, in 2014, and Texas supposedly had engaged him in extension talks last summer before ultimately deciding to deal him.

While the Rangers' pen is fairly well stocked, especially from the right side, $1.8 million for a reliever like Frasor is a very reasonable amount, and I'm not sure if his asking price went down after he was traded, or if the Rangers just didn't want to extend him at that price.

In the deal, the Rangers got reliever Spencer Patton, who will be one of the pitchers vying for a spot in the Ranger bullpen next season.