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Kyle Seager beats out Adrian Beltre for Gold Glove

Adrian Beltre was one of the finalists for the A.L. Gold Glove Award for third base, but he was beaten out for the prize by Seattle third baseman Kyle Seager

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Gold Glove award winners have been announced tonight.  The Rangers had just one player, Adrian Beltre, named as a finalist, and he missed out on the A.L. Award for third base.  That award went to Kyle Seager.

Beltre's defense has probably not been appropriately recognized in past years, but it is hard to argue this season that he should have won the Gold Glove.  Both the eye test and the stats show that Beltre isn't quite the elite level defender now that he has been in prior years, and Seager looks, to me, to be a worthy winner.

Of course, this doesn't change the fact that Adrian Beltre is, overall, much more awesome than Seager.  If there were a Gold Glove for awesome, Beltre would win it every year.