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Thursday Morning Links

Oh, Michael Young, how could we not hire your gritty whiteness?

Cooper Neill

Over at WFAA, Peter Ellwood has a story about how The Ballpark isn't much of a hitter's park anymore.  That's okay, commentators will still be calling it a hitter's park for the next 10 years.

new character has entered the delusional front office soap opera in Randy Galloway's mind... Michael Young.

Gerry Fraley has a story about Michael Young joining the front office, with a quote from Daniels that Young will be handling all of the difficult conversations with players that need to change positions.

There are a couple of former Astros coaches that are being considered for the third base coach vacancy in Arlington.

Calvin Watkins has a notes column that tells us that Jurickson Profar is beginning range of motion exercises, but it also quotes Jon Daniels as throwing up big stop signs if you're tempted to get too optimistic.

And, finally, here's a story about an unprecedented image of a protoplanetary disc, i.e., planets forming around a young star.