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Poll: Should Dick Allen be voted into the Hall of Fame?

Dick Allen is one of the ten individuals that the Golden Age Committee will be voting on for possible Hall enshrinement. Should he be in?

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

I was going to do a potential offseason acquisition post today, but the prospect of getting the guy I was writing about was so depressing I couldn't write it.

So instead, I'm going to kick off a series of posts on the ten players nominated for possible election to the Hall of Fame.  At the winter meetings, there will be a vote by the Golden Age Committee, and the individuals who get at least 75% of the vote will be Hall of Famers.  The results will be released on December 8.

The first guy we are voting on is Dick Allen, aka Richie Allen, the third baseman/first baseman/outfielder who won a Rookie of the Year Award with the Phillies and an MVP with the ChiSox.  You can check out his B-R page here.

Should Dick Allen be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame?  Make your voice heard and cast your vote below...