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2014 Minor League Free Agents

Baseball America lists all the players who are now minor league free agents

Duane Burleson

2014 minor league free agents are set forth, by team, in this Baseball America post.

21 Rangers minor leaguers are now free agents.  Most of them are not guys who are on the radar, and those who are on the radar, like Wilmer Font and Engel Beltre, are guys the Rangers had waived earlier and who we knew would end up testing free agency.

I thought that Alfredo Figaro and Ed Lucas, two players recently waived and outrighted by the Rangers, might not be eligible for free agency, due to some quirk in the rules -- I couldn't see any reason why the Rangers would claim them on waivers, and then waive them so quickly, otherwise -- but they are, in fact, free agents.

Some former Rangers of note include Blake Beavan, the former first rounder who was sent to Seattle in the Cliff Lee trade, Josh Lueke, the guy who taught us no one in the Seattle front office knew how to use Google, and Wilfredo Boscan, the righthander who Gerry Fraley was obsessed with a couple of winters ago, and who was then sent to San Diego for Cory Burns.

Also hitting the market, in the "they are still around?" category, are Kam Loe, Brandon Boggs, Fabio Castillo, Marcus Lemon, and Omar Poveda.

And the list of Cubs minor league free agents, somewhat amusingly, includes former very high first round pick Josh Vitters, former stud first base prospect Lars Anderson, and future Hall of Famer Manny Ramirez.