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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The number one source for looking for Cyber Monday free agent deals

Steel yourself for one of Torii's batflips on a routine fly to the outfield
Steel yourself for one of Torii's batflips on a routine fly to the outfield
Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Good morning. It is Cyber Monday so it will be fitting when JD signs Torii Hunter and Kendrys Morales at bargain basement prices today. *grumbles* Back in my day, Cyber Monday was when you had "sex" online over AIM with a stranger and it just happened to be a Monday. *spits*

On Hunter, Calvin Watkins writes about the report that the Rangers are on Hunter's short list of teams that he's looking to sign with. Hunter will sign here, of course. Someone has to be this year's Lance Berkman. takes a look at how things are shaking out in the AL West so far this offseason and how each team will approach the Hot Stove the rest of the way.

The DMN notes how Jim Bowden can't let go of the idea of Justin Upton for Elvis Andrus so he concocts a three-way trade between the Rangers, Mets, and Braves to get it done.

John Paschal of The Hardball Times has an excellent piece on the nature of rooting for baseball players, teams, and rooting against rivals. It's a great read if you've ever thought about what it's like to be a fan.

Here's a whole bunch of videos from Fox Sports Southwest featuring a roundtable interview with Thad Levine and local scribes on numerous topics. (Included within: Evan Grant bloopers!)

Over at the Lone Star Ball Facebook our Question of the Week asked for your least favorite baseball player ever. Lots of votes for David Freese and other random villains of the past. No one mentioned Bret Boone, however, so everyone got it wrong.

Lastly, I had a post-Thanksgiving meal nap dream about driving Nick Williams to a Texas League game against the Sugar Land Saccharine (??) to avoid him being late and getting in trouble with the Rangers. I'm becoming disturbed at how much I apparently care about Nick Williams.