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Texas Rangers rumors: Torii Hunter, Rangers continue to talk

Buster Olney says the Rangers continue to talk to Torii Hunter, who reportedly wants to sign with a team this week

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers rumors:  Torii Hunter and the Texas Rangers are continuing to talk, according to Buster Olney, with the Rangers wooing Hunter as a free agent for the third time.

The first time Hunter hit the free agent market, the Rangers went hard after him, but he signed with the Angels instead.  The second time, Hunter passed on the Rangers in order to sign a two year deal with Detroit.  It was reported over the weekend that the M's, the Rangers, and the Orioles are among the teams Hunter is considering, and while the M's did sign Nelson Cruz today, they are apparently still looking at Hunter as well.  Meanwhile, Lavelle Neal says that Hunter wants to get something worked out before the g.m. meetings start next Monday.

Hunter would provide the Rangers with a veteran bat who could play a COF spot or DH, while allowing the Rangers to look at a platoon with the other position, likely involving Mitch Moreland and one of Michael Choice, Ryan Rua and Jake Smolinski.

Adding Hunter would allow the Rangers to run out a potential lineup of:






Moreland/RH Platoon Mate