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Wednesday Morning Links

Daniels spending Winter Meetings reenacting Weekend at Bernie's in attempt to trade Matt Harrison.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it's finals time and I had two papers due this week, so even though I am motivated through hathos to fill the morning links with wall-to-wall bits, just... so... tired.

T.R. Sullivan quotes Daniels saying that the system is deep and the system is strong and every GM that calls is asking for a Charizard.

Evan Grant runs down where the Rangers are in their various rumored deals and the answer is "nowhere."

The Rangers have tabled talks with veteran reliever Gavin Floyd, probably to avoid the embarrassment of the statement "only offseason transaction to note was signing Gavin Floyd."

Evan also looks at the Diamondbacks as potential trade partners.

Adam's Top 50 Rangers of All Time is being lapped by the field, with Michael Florek doing a top 5 Ranger outfielders of all time post.  Two of Florek's entries were not Rangers until after Adam's last top 50 post, and two others mostly predate the blog itself by a decade and a half.

The Russell Wilson motivational speaker clownery continues, with the Rangers adding him to the AAA roster.

Jose Leclerc is continuing to dominate the Dominican Winter League.

Calvin Watkins' notes on the Winter Meetings include quotes from Banister about participating in the dog and pony show.

Jon Daniels says he doesn't give a poop about people hating on his lack of winter moves.

And, finally, two massive blue giants are fixing to merge about 13,000 light years from Earth, with "fixing to" being used in the astronomical sense of "probably not within our lifetime."