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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The number one source for celebrating Rock Shoulders

His name is literally Rock Shoulders
His name is literally Rock Shoulders
David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. The Dallas Cowboys have now won more games in their 14 games played than the Rangers won in either June or July.

Michael Florek of the Dallas Morning News has ranked the managers throughout Rangers franchise history from 1-13. I bet you can guess who ended up No. 1. (Hint: It's not Tim Bogar.)

Drew Silva notes via Nick Cafardo that the Rangers are among the teams interested in Cole Hamels. Perhaps they are interested in Hamels because he is a World Series MVP-winning ace pitcher and his wife once stripped on the television program Survivor for some cookies.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer's Terry "Still a planet" Pluto writes that the Indians' acquisition of Brandon Moss has made David Murphy expendable. The Rangers need a left fielder. Hmm. Are you ready for a Murph reunion?

The Sunday Question of the Week over at the Lone Star Ball Facebook page asked for your favorite Rangers relief pitcher of all time. Many folks named John Wetteland as their favorite. No one forced me to ban them for choosing Mike Henneman.

Finally, Jose Canseco took to twitter to demand that CM Punk take him on in a UFC match. It wouldn't be a Monday in the offseason without the latest from Canseco. Just when you thought shooting off a finger was the most Canseco-y thing Canseco could do, he calls out a former professional wrestler. That's top-tier Canseco-ing.