A conversation between A.J. Preller and Jon Daniels


*Jon Daniels' phone buzzes, Pink Floyd's 'Comfortably Numb' plays* *A 619 area code shows up on the phone's display* JD: "Hello?" *The voice on the other end whispers only, "Profar."* JD: "Huh?" "Alfaro." JD: "Who is this?" "Mazara." JD: "Now hang on a damn minu..." *An old man's stifled laughter can be heard in the background, "Tell 'im you want Chi Chi, too" he can be heard saying* *Former Rangers' Assistant GM A.J. Preller chokes back a laugh, "Shhh, shh you'll blow it..." as he tries to quiet the laughing scout* JD: "Wait a minute... Is that Don Welke? Preller, is that you?" *Preller and Welke let loose the laughter they were holding in* JD: "What the hell, Preller?" AJ: "You didn't think we'd just go to baseball Siberia and leave our boys, did you? JD: "Well, congratulations on Wil Myers and all but you know too well that the names you're throwing around are a part of the future here in Texas." DW: "Oh, he hasn't heard." JD: "Heard what?" AJ: "Upton." *Daniels sucks air through his teeth* JD: " didn't..." AJ: "I did." JD: "What do you want?" AJ: "You know what I want." JD: "Ronald Guzman! He's one of your kids, right?" AJ: "You have my new number. Give it a call when you're ready to start talking Gallo." *click* *Daniels glances at the framed photo of Justin Upton that he keeps on his desk.* *He picks up a folder that reads: Profar, Jurickson - Medicals* *He silently strokes his chin as he opens the folder*