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Texas Rangers rumors: Torii Hunter rumors continue to swirl

Rumors continue to circulate that the Rangers are supposedly hot and heavy after free agent outfielder Torii Hunter

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers rumors:  Torii Hunter is the focus of the Rangers' undying love and affection, according to multiple reports.  Twitter is full of national writers saying that the Rangers are after him, want to bring him home, are discussing a deal with him.  Chris Cotillo says a deal with Hunter and the Rangers could come together quickly.

I've felt a sense of inevitability about the possibility of a Torii Hunter/Texas Rangers match since probably July or August, when it was becoming clear the Rangers weren't going to splurge on a big dollar hitter, and that they were probably not bringing Alex Rios back for 2015.  The general rule is that there is no such thing as a bad one-year deal, but I can't muster up much enthusiasm for Hunter, at this stage, for his likely cost.  He's not much of a hitter anymore, he can't field, and he's old.  From what Evan Grant wrote last night, he'd be brought in as much for his clubhouse presence as anything else.

Now, noted stathead Brandon McCarthy has said that those on the outside don't properly appreciate the value of quality veteran leadership, and if you are paying Hunter, say, $8M next year, you could say $2M is for what he brings on the field, and $6M off of it.  And if McCarthy is right, that $6M for Hunter might be a bargain, in terms of leadership and intangibles.

But...yeah.  Its hard to get excited about Torii Hunter right now.