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Ben Rowen placed on release waivers

An obscure rule has apparently resulted in the Rangers putting Ben Rowen on release waivers

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Ben Rowen, who was designated for assignment by the Texas Rangers earlier this week in order to open up a spot on the team's 40 man roster, has been placed on release waivers, according to Gerry Fraley.

Fraley writes that an "obscure sub-section" of the MLB rules prevented the team from putting Rowen on outright waivers, due to his being injured at the start of the season and spending time on the active roster.  I looked at the CBA, but couldn't figure out what that sub-section was.

The upshot of this is that, if no one claims Rowen, he becomes a free agent, rather than the Rangers having the ability to keep him in the organization on a minor league deal.  Presumably, the Rangers would seek to re-sign Rowen, but he would have the ability to sign with anyone.  Of course, if he is claimed on waivers, then he would go to the claiming team.