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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The number one source for realizing the Rangers and Cowboys swapped expected 2014 seasons

Santa is so bored with this offseason
Santa is so bored with this offseason
David Buchan/Getty Images

Good morning. Congratulations to the Dallas Cowboys for winning their division. Now I would like for them to give us back our sports karma.

ESPN's David Schoenfield calls the AL West potentially "baseball's most entertaining division in 2015" and provides a mid-winter blueprint for each team in the West to make the playoffs next year.

Evan Grant held an interview with Derek Holland where he remembers that he's a pretty good pitcher when he actually gets on the mound.

There's your paltry amount of links on the Rangers this morning. What? Did you honestly think anyone would be covering the stagnant Rangers on a night when the Cowboys won something? Ha. Here's video of Matt Kemp calling A.J. Preller a "rockstar" for you instead:

On Lone Star Ball's Facebook page, the Question of the Week asked what you were hoping to see under the Christmas tree for the Rangers this year. There were many demands for expensive gifts from Santa Bob Simpson, but I mostly just wish that the Rangers' medical staff find coal in their stockings.

Lastly, apparently AJM is going to be on the road later so today will be the day that the Rangers trade for Cole Hamels.