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Starlin Castro questioned in connection with shooting

Reports on Twitter indicate that Chicago Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro has been questioned in regards to a shooting in the Dominican Republic

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Starlin Castro is being questioned again in connection with a shooting in a nightclub in the Dominican Republic earlier this month, according to Enrique Rojas on Twitter.

Three weeks ago, we talked about how Castro and Engel Beltre were brought in for questioning in regards to that shooting.

D.R. National Police liaison Jacobo Mateo Moquete has a series of tweets, saying that he'd had inquiries from writers about the situation, and that Castro is close to people involved with the shooting.

Most of what is out there right now in regards to this situation is in Spanish, and so I'm having to use Google Translate, which could lead to mistranslation and other wrong info -- however, Rojas's tweet linked above is in English, and says Castro has been arrested.

I'm sure we'll have more info on this soon, and we'll update this situation as more information becomes available.

UPDATE -- Here's the full story from Rojas, in Spanish.

UPDATE II -- Castro's agent says that he appeared voluntarily for questioning, but was not arrested.