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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The number one source for counting down the seconds until we depart the hellscape that was 2014

Here's to another goddamn New Year
Here's to another goddamn New Year
Cliff McBride/Getty Images

Good morning. There's only 4,133 more dumb minutes to go in this stupid year at the moment that I write this. We can make it 4,133 more minutes without something terrible happening, right?

Hey, here's some good news! Anthony Andro reports that Matt Harrison has been given the go-ahead to begin a throwing program by his back specialist. I'd be pretty happy for Matt if he could just stand up without feeling pain for the rest of his life but if he can get back on the mound, that'd be a pretty nice bonus.

T.R. Sullivan has an update on when and where funeral services will be held for the late Joe Macko.

Finally, I bet you thought you were done hearing about Derek Jeter in 2014. Nope. You can now read about how the mystique of Jeter wafted from the Captain's former locker at Yankee Stadium to help a kicker win a College Football bowl game.

P.S. Go suck an egg, 2014.