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Seth Smith traded to Seattle for Brandon Maurer

Seth Smith has been traded from San Diego to Seattle for Brandon Maurer

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Seth Smith, one of the San Diego Padre outfielders who was displaced when the team brought in three new outfielders earlier this season, is reportedly close to being dealt to the Seattle Mariners, supposedly for a reliever.  Brandon Maurer is the name that is being mentioned as the likely return for San Diego.

Smith is someone we've talked about as a possible target for the Rangers.  The 32 year old lefthanded outfielder is due $6 million in 2015 and $6.75 million in 2016, with a team option for 2017 at $7 million with a $250K buyout.  Smith is a David Murphy-type fourth/platoon outfielder who is coming off the best year of his career in 2014, when he put up a .266/.367/.440 line in 521 plate appearances.

Smith has been talked about as a potential target for the Rangers.  As a lefty, he could be a platoon partner for Ryan Rua or Jake Smolinski or Michael Choice in left field; however, he can't play center field, and I suspect that the Rangers would like their primary backup outfielder to be able to spell Leonys Martin.  Also, with Leonys, Shin-Soo Choo and Mitch Moreland all lefthanded hitters, I'm not sure the Rangers are all that interested in adding another LH-hitting COF/DH-type.

Maurer is a 24 year old righthanded pitcher who has split the past two seasons between the minors and the majors for Seattle, while also splitting his time between the rotation and the bullpen.  He's not been good in the majors, ERA-wise, though his peripherals have been better than his ERA would indicate, and there is enough talent there that he's someone who could be a good fit for San Diego.

UPDATE -- Reports on Twitter indicate that the deal is done -- Smith has been traded for Maurer.