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Wednesday Morning Links

Happy New Year's Eve!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

There's not a whole lot out there this morning.

Ranger farmhand Hanser Alberto has lost his starting shorstop job for the Gigantes del Cibao to Jean Segura.

Here's the schedule for the Ranger Winter Caravan.

Oh, hey, did you say you have a power prospect with lots of problems?  Well, the Ranger organization can never have too many of those.

Calvin Watkins has a year-in-review piece if you really want to rehash a terrible, awful, no good very bad season.  You masochist.

Watkins also looks at the likely 2015 bullpen, noting that there are probably two spots up for grabs.

And, finally, this little piece on Typhoid Mary is pretty interesting and talks about what happened once New York realized that she was a public health risk.