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Thursday Morning Links

Jon Daniels enters Winter Meetings with plan to "load saved game from last checkpoint."

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

T.R. Sullivan says that Jon Daniels has a history of making productive use of the Winter Meetings, noting that this year Daniels says he's going to load a saved game from the last checkpoint.

Michael Florek looks at where the Rangers rank in MLB payroll.  They rank right behind a team from some place called Toronto, which I thought was fictional until I located it in my atlas next to a label that reads "Here There be Dragons."  It also says their chief exports are "polite indignation at being mistaken for an American" and "healthcare smugness."

Evan Grant has the deets on this year's Ranger Fanfest, at which all attendees will have their souls devoured as part of a massive necromantic invocation to attempt to fix Matt Harrison's back.

Yu Darvish was crowned Ranger pitcher of the year on the strength of a solid 2014 campaign in which he ended the season with the least career threatening injury among 2014 starting pitchers whose names are in any way familiar.

Finally, so you cheated on your spouse but now it's over and no one will ever know! Well... until some murdering sad sack king's body is unearthed from a parking lot 500 years in the future and scientists go about trying to confirm his identity and accidentally discover what a two-timing hussy you are.