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2015 MLB Draft: Texas Rangers projected to take Daz Cameron in Jim Callis mock

Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo project the top 10 picks in the 2015 MLB draft

J. Meric/Getty Images

2015 MLB Draft: The Texas Rangers have the #4 pick in the 2015 MLB Draft, and Jim Callis's current projection has Texas taking prep outfielder Daz Cameron, son of former major leaguer Mike Cameron.

Jonathan Mayo, on the other hand, has the Rangers taking righthanded lefthanded pitcher Brady Aiken, who was the #1 overall pick in the 2014 draft, but who did not sign with the Houston Astros after a dispute over what a physical showed in regards to his elbow.

Callis has Aiken off the board before the Rangers pick, and the consensus top three players in the draft at this point are Aiken, prep shortstop Brendan Rodgers, and Duke pitcher Mike Matuella, though there's no clear-cut agreement on who is #1.  Its obviously very early, and a lot could change between now and June, but as things stand, I suspect the Rangers would be happy if one of those three players were available at #4.

The Daz Cameron projection is interesting, as most folks have Cameron significantly lower than #4 among draft prospects (Callis and Mayo's rankings have him at #8 overall).  But the Rangers love their toolsy athletes, and taking Cameron at #4 -- and potentially signing him to a bonus that is below slot, but more than he could get later in the first round -- might allow Texas to take Allen High School's Kyler Murray in the 2nd round.  Murray, ranked #27 by Callis/Mayo, is a Texas A&M QB commit, but like Cameron, he's a terrific athlete with a high ceiling (and the son of an athlete -- former Texas A&M QB Kevin Murray), and the Rangers might be able to moneywhip him into giving up football and making the transition to baseball full-time.

Again, this is all with the caveat that it is very early -- the draft is still six months away.  But it is always fun to take a look at where things currently stand...