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Sunday a.m. Rangers stuff

Sunday morning Rangers news and links

What could have been, a decade ago
What could have been, a decade ago
Brian Bahr/Getty Images

So, you ready for the Winter Meetings, which start next week?

Yeah, I'm not all that fired up, either.  After the previous four offseasons, where the Rangers had money to spend and were in on seemingly everyone, last offseason saw the Rangers make huge, seven year commitments to Prince Fielder and Shin-Soo Choo, which means now, the Rangers have little budget room for the first time since Tom Hicks sold the team, and are sniffing around on the margins, instead.

And so, no one is obsessing about the Rangers today.  The only thing I could find out there was this DMN staff report, which is about a Jerry Crasnick tweet saying that Jonny Gomes is someone the Rangers are interested in.

The Rangers have two moves remaining -- an OF/DH type, like Gomes, and a starting pitcher -- and they may also go get a veteran catcher to back up Robinson Chirinos, though they could just roll with Chris Gimenez, who they signed to a minor league deal.

And while the OF/DH could happen quickly, the biggest question -- who the Rangers will as a starting pitcher -- is likely not going to be addressed this weeks, as reports indicate teams who have pitching to trade want to see how things shake out with Jon Lester, Max Scherzer and James Shields, since teams that pursue, and miss out, on those pitchers will no doubt be exploring the trade market.

So the most exciting part of the Winter Meetings for Rangers fans may be Thursday, when the Rangers have the third pick in the Rule 5 pick, and we see if they use that pick, if they end up trading whoever they use that pick on to another team, and if some other team opts to draft Odubel Herrera, Will Lamb, or one of the Rangers' other Rule 5 eligible guys.

Its weird to be on the sidelines during the offseason, after having been in the middle of so much the previous few years.