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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The number one source for winning the offseason

Offseason = won
Offseason = won
Rich Pilling/Getty Images

Good morning. Day one of the Winter Meetings saw the White Sox get sick and tired of the tyrannical Royals dominating the American League so they acquired everybody.  Also, in like the last five months, Billy Beane has traded a gross of Addison Russell, Yoenis Cespedes, Josh Donaldson, Brandon Moss, and Jeff Samardzija for a net of raising Jon Lester's free agency value, Mr. Wendal, the tatted up remains of Brett Lawrie, Marcus Semien, and like four lesser Tommy Milones. The Rangers claimed Scott Barnes.

T.R. Sullivan writes about the Rangers on day one of the Meetings with this quote from JD being the most apt, I think:

"This week is a continuation of conversations that have been going on for months," said Jon Daniels.

Or, "Can you believe they pay us to hang out in San Diego to do the same thing we were already doing anyway?"

Jeff Wilson writes that the Rangers are looking to gain health first and foremost this offseason. BORING!

Poor bored Calvin Watkins took a GM's Winter Meetings words at face value while jotting down some notes from San Diego. This ain't your first rodeo, Watkins.

Beyond health and boredom, as Evan Grant writes, the Rangers are looking to get creative (GM speak for "We're cash poor and contention-window conscious.") when it comes to acquiring players this winter.

"I'd like to get some face time with Prince," said new Rangers manager Jeff Banister, via Sullivan. Presumably this is in regards to the Rangers first baseman but who knows? Maybe Banny is a big 'Batdance' fan.

Anthony Andro has more on the Rangers' big splash from yesterday when they were awarded LOOGY Barnes off waivers from Baltimore.

Grant notes that the Rangers have loosened the purse strings long enough to make an offer to free agent starter Justin Masterson.

Finally, ha ha! Remember spending all summer watching the Rangers circle the toilet because Derek Holland's dog tripped him going down some stairs? The Rangers sure remember: