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Texas Rangers rumors: Justin Upton, Wade Miley and more

No moves so far today for the Rangers, but there are various and sundry rumors out there about the Rangers

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers rumors:  Justin Upton, Wade Miley, Matt Kemp, and others are the subject of rumors that touch on the Rangers in various ways in Day Two of the Winter Meetings.

Evan Grant writes that the Rangers are now talking starting pitching with the Arizona Diamondbacks, with Wade Miley as the primary target and Trevor Cahill as a backup option.  He says that the Rangers are "lukewarm" on Dillon Gee and Jon Niese from the Mets, couldn't get anywhere on Noah Syndergaard, and talks with the Padres on their pitchers have stalled.

Jeff Wilson also writes that talks between the Rangers and the Padres aren't going anywhere, while also referring to A.J. Preller as Jon Daniels' "bestie."  Wilson also says the Rangers have Mat Latos and Johnn Cueto of the Reds on their "board."  Personally, I think Cueto isn't likely to get moved, but Latos is a good fit for Texas.

T.R. Sullivan says that the Rangers have asked the Nationals about Jordan Zimmerman but not Doug Fister, while the Nationals will talk about Fister but not Zimmerman.  Its a conundrum...

Sullivan also says that the Braves wanting Chi Chi Gonzalez for Evan Gattis is a "deal-breaker for the Rangers."  As it should be.  Also on the Braves front, Sullivan says that the Rangers would "likely try to flip" Justin Upton for pitching if they traded for him, but they won't give up top prospects for him.  Which seems to indicate that the Rangers aren't getting Justin Upton, either for themselves or to flip for pitching.

And Jon Heyman says that the Rangers are out on Matt Kemp.

So, in a nutshell, the Rangers want starting pitching and don't want to trade their top prospects.  And so we shall continue to wait...