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Saturday morning Rangers stuff

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Saturday morning Rangers news and links

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Its all about Michael Young today...

Jeff Wilson has a story about Michael Young's retirement ceremony yesterday and his retirement, focusing in particular on his relationship with Ron Washington.

T.R. Sullivan has a story at the Rangers' website on Young's retirement.

Anthony Andro has a story on the Young retirement.

Richard Durrett has a story on the Young retirement.

Fans came out to the ballpark yesterday to express their appreciation for Young.

Durrett says that Young should work for the Rangers, now that he's retired.

Evan Grant also writes about the possibility of Young working for the Rangers in the future.

Mac Engel writes a column on Young in the S-T that spends a lot of time bashing those who think baseball is played on a computer, and taking a few swipes at Jon Daniels in the process.

Sullivan has a story on the Rangers' signing of Daniel Bard, and notes that Bard is not expected to be ready for spring training.  My guess is that Bard's expected return to action is going to be around the same as Derek Holland's expected return.

The S-T has notes on Daniel Bard's imminent (or actual) signing, Joseph Ortiz's injury, and Chaz Roe clearing waivers.