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Texas Rangers rumors: Tommy Hanson deal reportedly major league contract for $2 million

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Jon Heyman tweets that the Rangers' deal with free agent pitcher Tommy Hanson is reportedly a major league deal worth $2 million plus incentives


Texas Rangers rumors: Tommy Hanson's deal with the Rangers is a major league deal worth $2 million plus incentives, according to a tweet from Jon Heyman this morning.

Previously, it had been reported that the Rangers and Hanson had agreed to a minor league deal.  We will have to wait for the official announcement, I guess, to know for sure, but I was expecting this to be a minor league deal, not a major league deal.  For what it is worth, Hanson's agent is Scott Boras, and Heyman has a track record of being plugged in on Boras-related scoops.

Heyman says there's a "good chance" Hanson will be the Rangers' #5 starter, which a major league deal would make more likely.  Between Hanson and Colby Lewis, the Rangers are hoping there's a veteran coming off injury who still has something left in the tank, and who can help keep the rotation afloat while waiting for Derek Holland to return.