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Three Rangers make FanGraphs Top 100 Prospect List

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The FanGraphs Top 100 Prospect List includes three Texas Ranger minor leaguers

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers Top 100 Prospects:  FanGraphs has released their top 100 prospects list, and three Texas Ranger minor leaguers have made the cut.

Second baseman Rougned Odor came in at #30 on the list, Jorge Alfaro is #54, and Luis Sardinas checked in at #97.

One of the noticeable trends in seeing these lists is that there is a clear top two in the Ranger system, with Odor and Alfaro, who are generally in the top 50-60 -- while some prognosticators prefer Odor and some prefer Alfaro, those two seem to clearly be in the top tier.  After that, you have a collection of 8-10 prospects who are all clumped together, and depending on the person doing the rankings, a few of those guys might make it into the the back end of a top 100 list.