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Texas Rangers rumors: Nelson Cruz, Seattle Mariners talks on hold

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Talks between the Seattle Mariners and Nelson Cruz are reportedly on hold, which could open the door for the Rangers to bring Cruz back

Ronald Martinez

Texas Rangers rumors: Nelson Cruz and the Seattle Mariners have put their talks "on hold," according to Chris Cotillo.

We have been hearing for a while that the Mariners were the most likely destination for Cruz, and Jon Daniels said as recently as yesterday that, while the team has kept in contact with Cruz's agent, JD expects Cruz to sign somewhere else for 2014.

However, there has also been talk that Cruz would like to stay in Texas, and if a big-time deal isn't sitting out there for him, the possibility would seem to remain that Cruz could return to the Rangers on one year deal.  If talks with the M's aren't going anywhere, then the chances of Cruz coming back to Texas on one of those fabled "pillow contracts" would seem to increase significantly.