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Friday Morning Links

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Prince Fielder unveils workout program to eliminate fear, includes 3 sets 10 reps fleeing from bees

Ronald Martinez

Richard Durrett's spring training questions continue, and if the answer is Mitch Moreland the question must be "Things that make you go 'meh.'"

Gerry Fraley tells us that Lance Barrett from Fort Worth has been promoted to MLB umpire.

Prince Fielder is pursuing a new workout regimen this offseason to eliminate fear, a regimen that focuses on MMA, apparently, even though a mixed martial arts bout that included swinging a "heavy metal bar" is probably also running a lucrative sideline in black market organs.

Jon Daniels says that the team is looking for a fresh start in 2014, having continued to make strides in fielding the most Galloway-unfriendly front office in Ranger history.

Here's a slideshow from FSSW about the state of the AL West after this offseason's moves and non-moves.

Finally, because you guys need to stop diddling your slide rules and watch a damn game, here's a summary of a study that shows that the mathematically inclined find the manipulation of numbers as beautiful as art or music because it stimulates the same region of the brain. So don't feel bad about having a more visceral reaction to the absurdity of Crash Davis' "minor league home run record" than to his speech about what he believes.