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Mitch Moreland contract: Texas Rangers, Moreland agree to one year deal

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The Rangers and Mitch Moreland have agreed to a one year contract for the 2014 worth $2.65 million


Mitch Moreland contract: The Texas Rangers and first baseman/outfielder Mitch Moreland avoided arbitration today, agreeing on a one year contract worth $2.65 million for the 2014 season.

Per reports on Twitter, Moreland also will get a $25K bonus at 470 plate appearances and a $25K bonus at 525 plate appearances.

The deal is right around the midpoint between what Moreland was asking for ($3.25M) and what the Rangers offered ($2.025M).

As the roster is current constructed, Moreland will be the team's primary DH, as well as the backup at first base for Prince Fielder.