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Hayhurst: Minor league compensation system should be changed

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Dirk Hayhurst writes in support of the minor leaguers who are suing to change the compensation system for minor league baseball players


Dirk Hayhurst, former major league pitcher and now member of the media, has written a piece about the way minor league baseball players (particularly those who have not reached six year free agent status) are compensated.

Hayhurst takes shots at both MLB, for paying minor leaguers who are under team control so little, and the MLBPA, for basically ignoring the concerns of the amateurs coming into the game and the minor leaguers.

Hayhurst's piece was prompted by the news that three minor leaguers have brought a class action suit alleging, in essence, that teams' compensation of minor leaguers violates federal and state laws.

Its a worthy read.  Check it out.