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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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Hover Yu: The Return
Hover Yu: The Return

First off:

Somewhere, perhaps right at this moment, Yu Darvish is floating across a field in Arizona. Baseball is back.

The DMN has a guide for everything you need to know about Spring Training and everything you need to remember about the offseason.

The folks over at SportsXchange have a write-up on the return of the Power Rangers and the new look lineup featuring Prince Fielder and Shin-Soo Choo.

Evan Grant writes about Colby Lewis' quest to regain a spot in the rotation as Lewis opens camp relatively healthy despite a history of major surgeries.

Anthony Andro writes about Matt Harrison's quest to regain a spot in the rotation as a guy whom the Rangers are actually counting on in 2014.

Jeff Wilson has a spooky story about how the Rangers' hopes for the new season hinge on Harrison and Alexi Ogando stabilizing the rotation.

Richard Durrett has some first day of camp notes which include his own take on the Lewis and Harrison reclamation projects.

T.R. Sullivan too touches on the state of the rotation as the Rangers begin camp.

Durrett reports that Yu Darvish was feeling discomfort in his hip over the winter but is throwing without pain and is on track to be the Rangers' Opening Day starter, ace, first-time Cy Young winner, and otherworldly super human second coming of 1999-2000 Pedro Martinez.'s Adam Berry writes about former Ranger Ian Kinsler's first "first day" since 2003 at Spring Training with the Detroit Tigers.

Obviously alerted by Gerry Fraley, Randy Galloway finds time to stir up a panic about Ron Washington being a "lame duck" manager.

Kate Morrison has a profile on Joey Gallo whose power tool is so impressive, he should be in the Rangers' broadcast booth hawking for DeWalt this spring.

Sullivan serves up the first offering of his annual Last Call from the Desert blog with news and notes from the first day of Ranger camp.

Drew Davison has the first notes of spring about Lewis' comeback attempt, Darvish's status, and Jason Frasor's young son's hatred of baseball.

Lastly, David Thomas of the Star-Telegram -- and presumably not the ghost of the founder of Wendy's -- writes about the history of wacky baseball injuries. Because Spring Training is here. That's what you do when Spring Training arrives. You write about wacky injuries.