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Thursday Morning Links

Milwaukee gets cute stray dog named Hank Aaron, Texas gets Tommy Hanson

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Brewers have adopted a stray dog named Hank Aaron as their unofficial spring mascot.

Andro has a profile of Elvis Andrus as the elder statesman of Ranger baseball, which also includes some sad news for Elvis bunt fetishists.

Prince Fielder may or may not be in the best shape of his life, but we'll never know because he doesn't like to weigh himself.

Ron Washington was extremely happy about the groundball session today, but I must not know what that means because "I must have hit about a thousand balls this morning and not one hit the ground. Everything I hit was in a glove. Everything."

Elvis Andrus' bit-beard is going to stick around for a while.

Washington unveiled his expected regular lineup yesterday, and there aren't any real surprises.

T.R. Sullivan has a column about Prince Fielder cutting his hair and a lot of circuitous discussion of his weight and whether he's in the best shape of his life (spoiler alert: he is).

Nelson Cruz has been spotted moping forlornly outside the Rangers' Surprise facility, Rangers front office may succumb to weakness and give him a pity-bang.

Sullivan's notes column quotes Moreland downplaying trade rumors, Rip van Andrus coming back from a long winter's rest with a righteous beard, and Scheppers saying his back spasms are "no big whoop."

Evan Grant tells us that Jurickson Profar will do anything it takes to be ready by opening day.

Grant also reports that Matt Harrison is expected to throw to hitters today.

Leonys Martin is a big fan of Jose Contreras.

Tanner Scheppers says that even though his back bothered him the last time he stretched out to start and his back is bothering him now is no reason to think maybe his back doesn't think he should be starting.

Ron Washington has his reasons for batting Beltre behind Fielder, which reasons include gut, gut, and the way baseball go.

Finally, some discussion of how a "gay gene" might persist in a human population even when it would seem to confer an evolutionary disadvantage (namely, lack of offspring).