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Matt Harrison is Back: A Back Saga Update

Matt Harrison gets a "best case scenario" on his back -- unlikely for Opening Day

These eyes have seen terrible things
These eyes have seen terrible things

One of the biggest stories early in camp thus far has been that of Matt Harrison's sore back. It's obvious why the Rangers were concerned after Harrison missed all but two starts during the 2013 season after a year filled with back maladies.

The team played it cautiously and sent Harrison back to the DFW to be looked at by the doctor who performed surgery twice on Harrison's back last year. Now, along with Harrison reporting that his back has felt better the last few days after finding a new firmer mattress, the news from Texas is pretty good:

Of course, now that Harrison has missed a little time and has fallen behind on his throwing program, it is likely that he will miss Opening Day and at least one start to begin the season. That's not the end of the world and is certainly better news than if Harrison had re-injured his back.

And so, the Rangers have probably lost their #2 and #3 starters to begin the season because one tripped over a dog while playing on some stairs and the other made our hearts skip scary beats because he slept on a soft bed.

Nevertheless, we can count this news as a win after a tough first week of camp.

Here's a tip for next time, Matt:

We'll have more updates when the Rangers give an official statement on Harrison's status.

UPDATE: A note from T.R. Sullivan on Harrison:

Pitcher Matt Harrison has been given a clean bill of health in his lower back after an examination by Dr. Drew Dossett. He did get an injection for stiffness in his neck but otherwise he is expected to begin a throwing program later this week. The Rangers do not expect him ready to be in the Opening Day rotation but they do believe he should be ready to pitch at some point early in the season.