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Wednesday Morning Links

Nick Tepesch catches back soreness from Typhoid Harry.

Jamie Squire

Gil Lebreton says Colby Lewis is back! Maybe!

Drew Davison has a profile of Prince Fielder that waxes lyrical on a moment in his troubled relationship with his major league father, recounts the naysayers that said he wouldn't be an everyday major leaguer, and spends a significant span scrutinizing his weight. Apparently, Prince Fielder is Pam from Archer.

Davison's notes column says that Yu Darvish beat out Martin Perez and the superfluous rib in Tommy Hanson's backpack to be named the opening day starter. We also learn that Matt Harrison is the Outbreak monkey of back problems, as Nick Tepesch was scratched due to back soreness.

Joseph Ortiz has been using Lance Berkman's Hoveround in the clubhouse due to a motorcycle accident in Venezuela.

T.R. Sullivan says that the Rangers hope that one of the rotation questions can be answered by Alexi Ogando because one of the other possible answers is Joe Saunders.

Sullivan's notes column discusses Colby Lewis' return to the mound in intrasquad play, Kouzmanoff shooting for a bench role, and Ortiz learning not to walk into traffic while texting.

Evan Grant commented on Colby Lewis' outing, with quotes from Lewis that are hedged with extremely cautious optimism, noted that Yu Darvish responded to the news that he would be starting opening day with a routine error message and then went to screen saver, and told us that Washington will make challenge decisions based on perturbances in the force or something.

Richard Durrett reports that Martin Perez plans to start throwing a cutter and that everyone had positive things to say about Colby Lewis' 11 pitch outing.

Finally, here's an article about space elevators.