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Thursday Morning Links

Jamie Squire

Jeff Wilson has a notes column that says that the coaching staff invents games to break up the monotony of drills, including Bunt Bunt Goose and Where is Mitch Moreland Getting Traded.

Gil Lebreton quotes Ron Washington about Michael Choice, who will be playing in just about every game this spring so "he better get his pillow together."

None of the Ranger pitchers seem very enthused about the new protective pitching caps.

Joe Saunders worked out for the Rangers yesterday, if you're a fan of replacement level pitching.

Evan tells us that Jurickson Profar has started throwing again, and that Matt Harrison is expected to begin throwing again today, among other injury updates.

Rangers brass are happy with what they've learned about the new replay system.

CJ Wilson got hit in the head the other day because he stayed up too late watching YouTube which diminished his catlike reflexes.

Evan Grant says that Engel Beltre and Michael Choice are going to be getting a lot of scrutiny this spring.

Richard Durrett hot stove talks Joe Saunders and also discusses some of the particulars for the new instant replay implementation.

Russell Wilson is expected to play in a Cactus League game on Monday, and also apparently wants to grow up to be Jerry Jones.

Finally, scientists think they've discovered the most massive object in the universe.