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Friday a.m. Rangers stuff

Friday morning Rangers news and links

Mike McGinnis

Hey, there was actual Ranger baseball, played against another team, yesterday!

The S-T has a game story from yesterday's game, saying Yu Darvish was sharp and Prince Fielder homered.

The game story on the Rangers' website also highlights Prince Fielder's first homer for the Rangers.

Evan Grant's game report from yesterday call's Yu Darvish's outing "dominant."

Richard Durrett has his thoughts on yesterday's exhibition win against the Royals.

Evan Grant has a piece on Yu Darvish, and how Yu was almost unbeatable when the Rangers scored in the first two innings for him last season.

The S-T has a story on Russell Wilson coming to the Rangers' camp on Monday, with Ron Washington saying that Wilson wasn't actually going to play.

Gil Lebreton has a column on Mitch Moreland, and his fight to establish himself as a key member of the Rangers' lineup.

Drew Davison has a story on minor league pitcher Cody Buckel, and his lost 2013 season that saw him completely lose his ability to throw strikes.

T.R. Sullivan has a story on Michael Choice, and the Rangers evaluating whether he's ready now to be an everyday outfielder.

Grant has his five things he thinks from last night, and included in that was his thoughts that Joe Saunders would be a good fit for the Rangers, and that Texas should give him a major league deal.  Given that a major league deal would mean that Saunders couldn't be sent to the minors, I'm not sure how that makes sense, unless you think either Tommy Hanson or Colby Lewis has no shot at the rotation.

The S-T's spring training report includes Josh Wilson talking about his favorite cities.

The Rangers' website notes hit on Tanner Scheppers and Matt Harrison having good throwing sessions yesterday, as well as Wilson coming to camp.