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Thursday morning Rangers stuff

Thursday morning Rangers news and links

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

I'd never heard of Globe Life until yesterday.

We have a bunch of stories this morning about the new name for TBiA.  The S-T has a piece on TBiA becoming Globe Life Park, with history and background of Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company.

T.R. Sullivan has a story on the branding of the Ballpark as Globe Life Park.

Anthony Andro has a story on the Rangers' deal with Globe Life Park.

Richard Durrett writes that the new deal will help the front office, since additional revenue means they will be able to increase their spending.

Evan Grant has a story on the impact that the sale of the naming rights, as well as the new revenue from the Fox Sports TV deal that kicks in next year, will have on the team.

Kevin Sherrington says that the Rangers should use the Globe Life money to bring Nelson Cruz back.

Jeff Wilson has a story about the Rangers' efforts in Latin America, focusing in particular on the Jairo Beras/birth certificate saga, and addressing the accusations that the Rangers play fast and loose with the rules down there.

Durrett says the Rangers need to improve their baserunning this year.